Will 2013 Be The Year Of Mobile?

With the evolving mobile landscape, more and more marketers are experimenting with content to discover new ways of engaging consumers.

According to Damien Cummings (pictured), regional marketing director, digital & social media at Samsung Asia "the future of mobile is not placing ads on mobile websites or even in developing Apps, it's in Near Field Communication (NFC) and location-based marketing."

Cummings says successful engagement through mobile/NFC that will shape future marketing include smart tagging (where a customer downloading a video can upload it onto their social media or like it through one tap), quick transactions and peer to peer sharing.

Lim Bee Bee, head of marketing, consumer banking group Singapore at DBS too believes peer-to-peer sharing will drive conversations around brands and become a key driver of influence.

"Peer-to-peer sharing or advocacy has gained importance in today's marketing as consumers become increasingly disenchanted with organisations," she says adding that marketers need to cultivate deeper relationships with influencers in the relevant social groups.

According to Rene de Monchy head of marketing, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore, "technology has certainly been an enabler and we will see more brands embracing new possibilities."

"Rather than the death of TV, mobile and web technology will bring a multi-screen dimension to entertainment, where brands can play a role," he says.

"Once brands crack that connection through a passion point, theme or some intrinsic benefit, these engaged, and more importantly, spending consumers will keep the brand on course," he adds.