Why McDonald’s Malaysia sets aside a budget for strange delivery requests

McDonald’s has been surprising and delighting customers by fulfilling strange delivery requests, such as  having a handsome delivery guy drop off the food – just because the customer requested it, or slipping an Apple Pie into an order because the consumer claimed to be broke.  Meanwhile, in April this year, Malaysian beauty YouTube Anima Jinx put in a request for his delivery, asking the rider to pose for a selfie with him while making a funny face.

And across the border, a Singaporean consumer requested for a dinosaur drawing on a napkin to go along with her delivery, to which McDonald’s complied. Clearly having brands surprise and delight customers is a great way to build brand love. In a statement to A+M, marketing director Eugene Lee said for the brand, it has always abided by the concept of total customer satisfaction and seeks to fulfill reasonable consumer requests.

As such, the brand has a specially allocated budget for each restaurant.

Consumers are able to put in their requests in the comment section of their order and McDonald’s tries its best to realise them. Lee explained, “It’s something fun and puts a smile on customers’ faces. It is also something that’s in line with our brand promise. We try to delight them through our ads, campaigns, activations and even at our restaurants.”

He added that McDonald’s has always been carrying out such requests but they are more well known among the public now as consumers are now sharing their experiences on social media. But this is not something the brand actively advertises, as some requests are bigger than others and it goes beyond the brands’ means to fulfill them. “We do what we can from the availability in the restaurant,” he added.

Besides fulfilling unique delivery requests, McDonald’s also rallied Malaysians to vote for the top McDonald’s product, in a bid to drive customer engagement and get them excited about its core menu items. McDonald’s recently caused a stir online when it engaged in friendly banter with Nando’s Malaysia over peri-peri sauce. This came shortly after it released the new Portuguese Chicken Burger and an AR game titled “Catching Nonando”, which some consumers assumed was a dig at Nando’s.

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