Why hotel websites can never win

Regal Hotels launched its revamped website this week, boasting, out of many things, a page that lets visitors customise their web experience.

The revamp is what Regal Hotels group director of digital marketing Jennifer Wong called a move from a mono-directional site to an interactive platform.

"A lot of hotels are now embarking on the digital platform, which also explains why we want to be on as many social media options as possible," she said,

"Different types of clients use different tools, so we want to be present to capture every audience. We try to be as personal as possible."

Ben Woo, director of Pixo Punch, the agency behind the revamp, agrees that personalisation and promises of "the lowest price" are essential to boosting traffic, he said corporate websites are still losing out to third-party portals like Agoda and Expedia.

"If the audience is not loyal to the brand name, it's still a challenge for hotel websites because we can't have the function to compare prices with other properties," he said.

"So as a business, what we can do is try our best to cater to the people loyal to our brand, frequent and business travellers or the people who are already in our members club."