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Why creative variety is integral to brand advertising in APAC

Why creative variety is integral to brand advertising in APAC

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Consumer needs are constantly evolving. The expansion of digital media and subsequent increase of content consumption creates new opportunities for brands to reach their consumers. Nonetheless, with new opportunities come new challenges. Brands are struggling to keep up with the level of creative production needed to run strong marketing campaigns. Oftentimes, this leaves consumers feeling inundated with repetitive ads. How exactly should we as marketers combat this? With creative variety.

To better understand the importance of creative variety, Celtra conducted a survey with Dynata in Q3 2020, targeting 500 APAC-based consumers over the age of 18 in India, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. This survey explored what consumers think about brand ads and creative content by identifying what they actually want to see and how they want brands to shift their focus.

APAC Consumers are suffering from ad fatigue

Over and over again, consumers are hit with the same ads. In fact, 83% of APAC consumers find brand ads to be repetitive. This causes them to lose their attention and ultimately leaves them feeling bored. As marketers, we never want consumers to feel ignored or disconnected. Let’s take a look at a few different ways that brands can create engaging content through creative variety.  

Meaningful messaging

A good story is memorable. It has the power to take your audience on an unforgettable journey. However, when a consumer starts to see the same story over and over again, they grow tired. They disengage. During our study, we found that the most annoying ads to 36% of APAC consumers were ones that they have seen too many times. When asked what they want to see from brands so they don’t keep seeing the same ad, 87% of APAC consumers said they want a variety in different storytelling approaches.

High-quality design

What goes hand-in-hand with creative messaging? Quality design. We wanted to find out what exactly catches the eyes of APAC consumers in ads. Well, it turns out that after entertaining stories or messaging (37%), it is high-quality design that accounts for 31% of initial interest. The key takeaway here is that creating a variety of well-crafted stories with beautiful creative ultimately drives brand success.

Cultural relevance

Another key component of engaging brand ads is cultural relevance. Nearly a quarter (22.5%) of APAC consumers are annoyed by ads that they don’t understand because they are in a different language or use cultural visuals and messaging that are irrelevant to them. This can create a major rift in the consumer-brand relationship. Marketers can avoid this pitfall by creating a variety of market-specific messaging and designs.


According to our study, 71% of APAC consumers are bothered or distrust a brand when ads or content does not match the brand’s website or app/store. This means that brands need to account for creative across all channels when designing new visual content. With 2021 planning in full speed, it is important to keep this in mind and invest in high-quality creative production for the new year.

Let creative automation do the work for you

Achieving creative variety should be easy, but we know that this is not always the case. With growing content demands and increasing budgets, it can be challenging to keep up with creative production. This only widens the gap between marketing resources and the content needed to win consumers. That’s where Creative Automation comes in.

Creative Automation allows for massive scaling to meet all of your creative variety needs.

Not only does it increase the speed of production, but it allows marketers to maximise volume to achieve that variety. In-house teams can quickly mass-produce high-quality content by a simple click of the mouse. With the help of creative production software, give your consumers what they really want next year: Creative variety. 

The writer is Raushida Vasaiwala, general manager, APAC, Celtra.

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