Who are Malaysia's social gamers?

The rise of social gaming globally has been nothing short of spectacular in the last four years; platforms like Facebook, Android and iOS have provided an easy vehicle for the dissemination of gaming titles, while peer-to-peer recommendation has driven greater audiences through friendly competition (or cooperation).

In the first study of its type in Malaysia, Spiral Media has mapped Malaysia's social gaming habits; who is playing, what they're playing and the relevance of social games and gamers to an advertiser's branding efforts.

What's interesting (and sometimes surprising) are the types of people playing social games and how they play; women and families factor large in audience numbers whilst mobile devices continue to quickly gain popularity as the screen of choice.

The two infographs below take a sweeping look at some of the key insights.



[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="810"] Malaysia social gamers are grocery buyers.[/caption]

Spiral Media, which delivers media solutions in gaming and entertainment, reached a sample size of 804 key audience demographics in Malaysia, including females ages 25-55 and males 18-35.