Whisper Hong Kong, Watsons and HKGGA join hands to launch #DREAMlikeAGirl campaign

Global feminine care company Whisper has launched a new campaign #DREAMLikeAGirl in Hong Kong to help teenage girls boost self-confidence.

Hong Kong Whisper has created a social experiment video, interviewing teenage girls about gender roles.  The video also featured some outstanding females to share their stories, including Moonie Chu, Hong Kong Junior Sports Star Winner, Charlene Houghton, professional MMA fighter, and Michelle Sun, founder of First Code Academy.

The video reflected gender stereotypes have negative impacts on teenage girls, such as lowering their self-esteem and discouraging them to realise their dreams.

“Whisper is committed to helping girls to build their confidence at puberty and beyond,” said Deep Yim, P&G marketing director. “I’m touched by our #DREAMLikeAGirl campaign, because every girl is capable of greatness and we must continue to empower them to grow into strong, amazing women tomorrow.”

Other than the social content, Whisper and Watsons have joined hands to launch sales promotions with Hong Kong Girl Guides Association(HKGGA). In October, for every purchase of any Whisper product at Watsons, Whisper will donate HK$1 to the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association, supporting its girls and young women’s personal development and leadership trainings, echo with the message of the campaign- encouraging girls to break the gender boundary, daring to Dream #LikeAGirl by unleashing their full potential.