Wheelock Properties demonstrates the spirit of living through innovation

How to market to potential homebuyers is always a challenge, and Wheelock Properties’ latest digitisation strategy Wheelock Living offers best cross-platform as it showcases well-rounded capabilities tailor-made for the new normal.

The Wheelock Living app, in collaboration with KREW Digital Analytics, scooped up one gold and two bronze awards in MARKETINGINTERACTIVE’s Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2021 in Hong Kong, redefining the standard of living and targeting life explorers, who are passionate, tasteful, adventurous and look for enrichment in their lives.wheelock properties showflat 2The app allows users to purchase properties online and visit virtual showrooms despite social distancing measures. Although traditional marketing strategies are still playing a key role to reach out to customers from different age groups, Wheelock Properties says a holistic digital marketing strategy is necessary to build up the brand philosophy of “The Spirit of Living”. Wheelock Properties understands the importance of building an authentic relationship with potential customers and these life explorers. It connects all parties together by employing digital marketing to create a two-sided conversation, where the company speaks and listens to customers and their friends via Wheelock Living’s social media platforms and external online platforms, responding directly to their wants and needs via the app.
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It also offers exclusive member events and premium online and offline customer services. Apart from conversations, Wheelock Properties curated CSR events and webinars to further engage users.

Wheelock Living digitisation achieved huge success as 90% of surveyed members said they were willing to recommend friends and their families to join Club Wheelock and follow Wheelock Living on social media.

However, Wheelock Properties effort won’t stop here.

“We aim to engage and care for our customers to live in style and well in the future, we do not just hand over the keys and go away, customer experience is always in heart of our business,” said Ricky Wong, managing director of Wheelock Properties.

“The Wheelock Living app was upgraded with a new interface and features for releasing latest events and offers, and for providing an array of services – from online property purchase to management tips for residents. More excitement and a property toolbox will be launched through the app, and our effort to connect customers timely will never stop,” he added.

This article is sponsored by Wheelock Properties.