What's on your bucket list?

Leo Burnett Vietnam has helped to created a digital platform for youth engagement platform YoMost to strengthen the role of the brand in the life of Vietnamese youths by urging them to create their ‘YoList. This is a bucket list of things created by youths on what they want to experience.

The online platform, hosted in YoMost website is loaded with tools, social functions and daily content that urges users to make the most out of their lives. The site also enables users to curate their personal YoList, connect with others, share experiences and eventually, check off each item on their list.

The idea was conceived from the insight that a key anxiety of Vietnamese youth lies in the fear of the most precious time of their lives being wasted on dull moments and yet they lacked the inspiration to make something of it. Tapping into Leo Burnett’s HumankindTM philosophy of bringing the focus back to people and their behaviour, YoMost was repositioned as the companion to ‘liven up’ occasions in the lives of the restless youth further enhancing its brand essence of ‘Live Life to the fullest’.

To launch the site, YoMost organised an event, bringing a 10-meter-high free-drop experience to Vietnam for the first time. It was attended by 2,000 Vietnamese youth who became the first batch of users of yotime.com.vn. During the event, they were asked to add the 10m free-drop on to their YoList and check it off right after they took the jump. The event was also streamed live with 46,000 views online as it happened.

Post the event, the site will continue to conduct regular contests and activities offering its users the chance to fulfill their more items on their YoList.

Thanh Vo, senior brand manager of YoMost, said “As a companion of youth, YoMost empowers youth to turn their passing times into passion time by ticking off their YoList and make the most of their youth.”