Wellcome freshens up its approach to food marketing

Wellcome is reaching out to increasingly health conscious Hong Kong consumers for its latest push to promote its range of fresh produce.

Working with creative partner Grey Hong Kong and media agency UM, the supermarket chain has rolled out "Fresh is fresh" campaign to highlight its approach to fresh food.

The campaign launches with a 30-second TVC and a series of tutorials on social media that teach shoppers the best way to process fresh food items.

“Wet market still dominate the fresh food market in Hong Kong. We believe it’s about time for us to pump up marketing efforts and transform this long-established shopping behavior,” Julie Chiu, sales & marketing director of Wellcome, told Marketing.

Chiu said the supermarket chain has been geared up to push fresh food product and to grow fresh food category in recent years. That includes relocating the fresh food section towards the entrance area and widening its fresh produce range.

Wellcome has also expanded its ready-to-eat sector, adding chicken-grilling counters and increasing the variety of ready-to-eat meal offerings on shelves.

On par with the emphasis on fresh product category is the purpose of building a professional image on the brand, she added.

A total of 12 tutorial clips, hosted by famous culinary blogger Candy Tsui, are set to launch in four fresh food categories in four weeks. Following last week’s theme of fresh meat, this week is the turn of frozen food and fruits and seafood in the coming weeks.

Wellcome "fresh" classroom - Beef

Wellcome "fresh" classroom - Pork

Wellcome "fresh" classroom - Chicken