WeLend blends interactive OOH, gaming, and helicopters in its BT campaign

Personal loan provider WeLend has launched an offbeat integrated campaign for its A.I Balance Transfer (BT) product that mixes interactive OOH at bus shelters, gamification elements on mobile, and a helicopter trip with a celebrity.

That may sound like a lot to jam into one campaign but the process is relatively simple in actual practice. Bus shelters in Hong Kong have been fitted with a digital interface promising the chance to win a 15-minute helicopter ride alongside viral singer/actress/Instagrammer Lin Min-Chen. To get the prize, users have to repeatedly tap the screen over 10 minutes, with faster presses gaining higher ratings. The ratings will then be displayed on the screen along with a QR code prompting the user to register it by signing up for the game on mobile to compare their personal ranking against others. At the end of the promotion, the best scorer gets the trip.

A campaign spokesperson told Marketing, “Other than engaging with our target audiences through Facebook and IG, WeLend would like to explore new engaging activities with gaming elements to grab consumer attention and bring them new excitement. And we believe taking a helicopter with Min-Chen is a big attraction to them too.“

The company believes that the campaign takes the ideas of what the BT can accomplish for customers – helping clear debts to raise credit ratings – and translating that into terms of hitting a higher score or literally flying upwards.

The spokesperson added, “Balance transfer ads in the market are normally focused on the product features only. WeLend digs out a new consumer benefit – raising a credit rating upwards. The digital upward panel, the helicopter, the whole game flow are highlighting this exciting message along with talk of the town incentive. This interactive campaign rejuvenates the traditional product.”


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