Weibo becomes Nielsen’s new digital ad ratings data provider in China

Nielsen has announced that it is partnering with Weibo, in a collaboration that will take digital audience measurement one significant step further.

The two parties also announced the release of digital brand effect (DBE), a digital solution that can help advertisers effectively understand the influence of digital advertising marketing.

The combination of these two massive data sets, calibrated by Nielsen’s data science, will bring a new level of clarity and granularity to the measurement of online audiences. Nielsen will use Weibo’s interest tags to further define digital audiences by their specific behavioral preferences so as to better help advertisers and media companies to change and improve their advertising strategies. Beyond defining audience age and gender, advertisers will be able to see breakdowns of audience by income (high, middle and low), car ownership and children in the household.

“In the age of precision marketing, where the use of data management platforms and programmatic trading is on the rise, marketers are demanding more than traditional demographics,” said Del Levin, vice-president of Nielsen China. “We are delighted to add China’s largest blog portal to our digital ad ratings measurement, enabling us to offer the market an even more in-depth look at digital campaign audiences.”

Nielsen and Weibo also announced that they will launch digital brand effect (DBE). This solution can help advertisers to more quickly understand the influence of digital advertisement. By calculating a key metric —Brand lift, DBE measures the actual influence and value that digital advertisement has on dimensions such as brand recognition, interests and willingness to spend for a brand. Therefore, advertisers not only can measure marketing effect from interaction but also can further understand the changes in consumers’ opinions post exposure, for example, whether they have paid attention to ads or whether they have increased willingness to spend.

Vishal said:“Nielsen DBE has the experience of cooperating with Facebook and Twitter and also help many world-famous brands to successfully optimize their input-output ratio of digital advertising. With Nielsen DBE, advertisers can better understand the influence of digital advertising on brands. Through long-term observation and optimization, DBE can continuously improve core brand dimensions.”

"The difference of mobile internet marketing is the accurate recognition for the user's identity and interests, and can help brands interact with users online deeply, so as to enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and advertising ROI. Weibo’s partnership with Nielsen is in a wish to establish metrics that can help enterprises’ transition to mobile internet," said Wang Yajuan, vice-president of Sina Weibo.