WEI Retreat brings Chinese-style luxury resorts to travellers

WEI Retreat has launched a new brand of classical Chinese boutique luxury resorts with the opening of its flagship WEI Retreat Tianmu Lake in a nature reserve in Jiangsu Province.

Inspired by Chinese cultural heritage including Chan Buddhism, tea appreciation and filial piety, the new resorts aims to create a “new style of experiential hospitality for discerning Chinese and international travelers seeking tranquility, rejuvenation and luxury”.

“China now has many great luxury resorts, but they are largely western in origin and character,” said Philip Wei, founder and managing director of WEI Retreat Tianmu Lake.

“WEI Retreat is a luxury experience meeting the expectations of local and international luxury travelers, but distinctively Chinese, unlike any other luxury resort on the market.”

The brand is currently looking to expand to China, North America and Europe. Properties in the pipeline include WEI Boutique New York, WEI Retreat Beijing & WEI Retreat Maldives.

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