Weber Shandwick to roll out Facebook at Work for global staff

Weber Shandwick has become the first PR firm to adopt the Facebook at Work collaboration platform.

The launch of the platform has made available for all of its 3,500 employees worldwide, 900 in Asia, the PR firm said this is part of its effort to explore and understand new innovative communications platforms for employees and clients.

“Facebook at Work will be a player in employee engagement solutions going forward, so we’re adopting it across our company to continue to analyse and understand advantages for clients, as well as benefit from the value it brings to our own highly creative and collaborative global network,” said Chris Perry, Weber Shandwick’s chief digital officer.

The agency’s pilot of Facebook at Work included nearly a quarter of its worldwide staff and was set-up across teams with varied organisational structures and workflows  to gather best practices and insights that would be applicable to a variety of companies.

“After seeing how successful the pilot was, we’re excited see the collaboration that occurs when it’s used across geographies, industries and disciplines company-wide, and be able to share our findings with clients to better-inform their practices,” Perry added.

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