WE Digital wins Towngas' digital and social duties

WE Digital(威动营销)has acquired the digital marketing responsibilities for Towngas China Company Limited (Towngas Group).

The agency will work with Towngas Group on the overall digital strategies for its brand “Towngas Lifestyle” (港华生活家) and its newly launched packaged water products “AquaJoy” (衍悦).

Towngas Group is a Hong Kong listed company under The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited group that operates in Mainland China. The three brands within the group - Towngas (港华燃气), Bauhinia (港华紫荆) and Hua Yan Water (华衍水务) - are serving more than 20 million customers in Mainland China.

Partnering with WE Digital, Towngas Group is aiming to deliver the brand image of safe and reliable to every aspect of life and to provide better living quality for users.

WE Digital will develop a social media platform for the brand under the theme of “Living Quality”, which targets to provide target audience valuable yet interesting information, at the same time, build the brand’s influence and reputation.

As the expectation of Mainland people on living quality has been increasing, the Group will be launching various products including AquaJoy(衍悦)packaged purified water in Jiangsu area.

To ensure the safety of the water, Hua Yan Water (华衍水务) introduces the most advanced pure water production technology and equipment to ensure its water quality exceeds the national standard requirements.

What’s more, a 360° personalized experience will be created so that consumers will be engaged with the brand from an earlier service touch point starting from manufacturing, delivery, to purchase; and even extending to tracking, recycling, disinfection.

WE Digital will tailor a fully integrated strategy for AquaJoy, including the use of self-owned social media platforms for the brands, WOM (word-of-mouth) marketing, and through-the-line campaigns, to get AquaJoy ready to appear on the market and build a likeable brand.

The cooperation between Towngas China and WE Digital suggests that Towngas Group has started to layout digital as a key branding pillar for the first time in the Mainland market. The company is committed to embrace a more pro-active approach of social media and social commerce. Not only to enhance the brand’s influence, but the target is also to turn fans into customers.

Commenting on the win, Hugo Chan, Managing Director of WE Digital remarked “Towngas Group is a renowned Hong Kong brand that carries more than 150 years of history, partnering with such an well-established corporation sets the agency another milestone.

By featuring high quality products of the Group, we have already planned the social marketing strategies for the upcoming 12 months, to leverage on the plentiful existing customers, acquire new consumers; at the same time, drive sales to happen at the E-Commerce platform of the Group.”

Daniel Fung, head of business strategy of Towngas, said: “In today’s dynamic environment where internet access is a basic necessity, online spending has become the new norm of customer Shopping behavior. To effectively market our brands and products to our customers, social media is the key. I believe WE Digital can assist our Group in capturing the opportunities arisen from this new norm."

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