Waze and Maxis put a twist to road safety measures

Navigation app Waze is partnering up with Malaysian based telecommunications company, Maxis and creative agency Ensemble Worldwide to create an innovative mobile safety reminder for drivers on the road.

According to The World Health Orgnisation reports, road traffic injuries are the eighth leading cause of death globally. Meanwhile according to a University of Michigan’s Transport Research Institute study, Malaysia is the second-most dangerous country for drivers in Southeast Asia after Thailand, with 30 fatalities per 100,000 individuals.

Sponsored by Maxis, the corporate social responsibility project is an attempt at improving road safety – simply by using the voices of children as a voice pack option on Waze. It serves as a reminder to adults that when driving recklessly, childrens’ lives are at stake, whether their own who ride with them, other children on the road or even their children waiting at home for them.

Conceptualised by Ensemble Worldwide which is part of the IPG Mediabrands Group, the idea for the kids voicepack was inspired by the insight from a Maxis-commissioned study, that nine out of 10 parents drive safer when their kids are in the car.

Different from other Waze special voice packs that usually feature a single celebrity voice, the Safe Mode Kids invited children between the ages of 3 to 12 years old to donate their voices for Waze directional prompts with charming reminders to drive safe. Instead of the standard Waze navigation prompts you will hear: ‘All set. Don’t forget your seatbelt’, ‘Re-routing. Eyes on the Road!’ and “Accident reported ahead. Please be careful, okay?”


Waze head of APAC sales, Eleanne Hattis said: “Safety is the utmost mission for any new feature or campaign Waze develops as we work together with citizens to improve their time in the car. We're proud to work with Maxis on this project, amplifying a common goal to use mobile technology to promote safer roadways. People generally drive safer with children in the car, and we believe this is an attention-grabbing feature that will assist in spreading the cause."

The initiative that started out as a local campaign in Malaysia is now being launched globally. Beginning June 24, the kids’ voice pack will available to more than 50 million Waze users around the world. Users can find and download the feature under the Voice Language settings titled ‘Safe Mode Kids’.


The creative team that worked on the project is:
Executive Creative Directors – Chan Woei Hern, Mun Tuck Wai
Vice President – Sean Wong
Creative Team – Norman Tang, Chung Ru Zen, Yves Wan
Project Team – Chong Jia Ling, Lim Jia Yang, Chang Min Fung