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Waze Local to help local business integrate ads into navigation experience

Waze has launched Waze Local allowing local businesses to integrate their advertisements into the map and navigation experience. This is in a bid to support local businesses at scale, especially for businesses that strive to reach local consumers on the road.

According to CNBC, there are three types of local ads – takeover ads, branded pins and promoted search ads. Takeover ads will appear on the top of a user’s screen when they have stopped for at least three seconds, while branded pins will appear along a user’s route.

Meanwhile, promoted search ads will pop up when a user is using the search function on the app. Waze will charge advertisers based on cost-per-thousand impressions.

In a statement to A+M, Waze Malaysia’s spokesperson said while the launch currently only covers North America and Europe, it intends to make use of the learnings to explore similar ways to support small and medium-sized businesses in Asia Pacific.

“In general, we prioritise developments that can help us deliver consistent results for advertisers while creating better experiences for our users,” the spokesperson said.

She added that it is “meaningfully engaging” with businesses and users in the region through various means, such as the “Favourite Brands” function for Wazers in Malaysia, to identify their brand preference in-app. Last month, it partnered with Petron to allow users to select the company as their preferred brand to refuel their cars, as well as view Petron’s latest product offerings. Another way Waze engages users in Malaysia is through its pothole report project with the Selangor Government last December.

According to the spokesperson, increasing location awareness and driving in-store traffic are top challenges for small and medium-sized businesses everywhere. As such, Waze Local can help local businesses draw customers to their doorsteps.

“Working with brands and advertisers allow us to build a sustainable business that can ultimately support our mission to empower drivers with the insights they need to stay safe on the road, and provide global municipalities a free solution to build smarter cities,” the spokesperson added.

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