Waze lets Tony Fernandes boss you around in your own car

Real-time traffic and navigation app Waze has launched a voice prompt featuring Tony Fernandes, co-founder and group CEO of Airasia.

"Let Fernandes direct you as air traffic control as you navigate Malaysian roads, using his feature voice on Waze," read a statement from the two.

Fernandes is the latest local personality to lend his voice to Waze.  The app had previously featured Malaysian singer Yuna and comedian Harith Iskander. Check out below the highlights of Tony’s Waze recording posted on Airasia’s Facebook page yesterday morning. The video has so far gathered more than 24,000 views and over 130 shares.

Airasia's group CEO Tony Fernandes said, "A lot of people ask me what it's like being an Airasia pilot. Now you can experience what it's like to fly high in the sky interacting with me as your air traffic control."

He added, "And like real air traffic control, I can't make any promises about the congestion but I can promise that with Waze, we will get you there the quickest and least boring way possible."

Waze Malaysia's sales manager Edward Ling said, "We're thrilled to bring Tony Fernandes's voice to Waze, guiding Wazers along a route from tower control. Voice prompts are one of our most popular features and a great way to bring a brand to life within the context of a drive."

"Fernandes' voice navigations will make him your co-pilot on any route, making you feel like you're flying while you are driving," Ling added. To have Tony as your "control tower", first install Waze from the iOS or Android app stores, then select Menu, click on Settings, go to the Sound option and choose "English (UK) - Tony Fernandes."