Wavemaker wins Epson China's printer media business

Wavemaker has secured the media planning and buying business of Epson China’s household printer product line, including traditional and digital media, social, content and search.

Epson hopes to further expand brand and product awareness and influence amid the ongoing pandemic as Chinese families’ demand for home printers has surged in recent months. In addition, through the marketing of its signature product EcoTank Refillable Ink printers, Epson aims to improve business growth quickly, and establish the brand’s leading position in the long run.

“Based on insight into the Chinese home printer market and consumers, and deep understanding of Epson's business goals, Wavemaker clearly defines growth opportunities for the brand," said Julep Lin, managing director of Wavemaker China.

Wavemaker said it's capable of helping the client seize high-demand consumers, winning their hearts and minds along the purchase journey and driving growth based on the insights into the computer, communication, and consumer electronic category too.

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