Wavemaker Indonesia's Eni Kiswanti on biggest barriers for women in adland

As part of international women's month, we talk to senior partner, investment of Wavemaker Indonesia Eni Kiswanti who has been in the media and advertising industry for over two decades. On gender biases, Kiswanti said Indonesia is a fortunate market, where the industry is very supportive of women in general and has no gender biases to speak of.

Wavemaker is a media agency under GroupM, which is part of the WPP network. Looking inwards, Kiswanti shared that women occupy a larger share of roles at the middle level at Wavemaker and the company is empowering them to progress in their careers. More than 70% employees at Wavemaker are women.

According to her, GroupM has a special initiative for women called Walk The Talk, where women are encouraged to share their challenges and discover how to overcome them. The company also promotes and rewards both men and women without any discrimination.

Read more of Kiswanti's personal take on the gender agenda in Indonesia's adland below.

Marketing Interactive: How progressive is Indonesia in gender diversity and equality?

The challenge we as women face is more internal rather than external as we sometimes lack confidence. At times, we consider ourselves inferior even though we are as good as men. We only need to believe in ourselves.

Marketing Interactive: Last year, the #MeToo movement took the world by storm. Did it have any impact in the local adland?

No, it did not. This is a reflection of the respect that women enjoy in our country.

Marketing Interactive: What are your hopes for women in leadership?

Typically, women work with a lot of passion and put a lot of emotion in what they do. This can go against them sometimes. I look forward to seeing more women overcoming their internal challenges and taking up leadership roles with confidence. I also look forward to seeing current women leaders guiding and encouraging younger women on the journey to success.

Marketing Interactive: Are there any mantras you go by?

Be yourself, be confident. Focus on your target and have an open mind. Share your knowledge and improve your team’s capability. Give opportunities to the team to get better exposure.

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