Watsons pushes for word-of-mouth brand advocacy

Watsons has appointed Advocacy Malaysia to lead the advocacy and word-of-mouth components of its integrated campaign "Say YES to Watsons Brand".

The objective of the campaign is to promote the Watsons brand and its in-house range of affordable, high quality projects to its Malaysian market. Having recognised the need to build advocacy with their consumers, Watsons Malaysia launched an offline and online engagement campaign that leads consumers onto a structured journey grounded in behavioural science.

The ultimate goal is for deeper engagement that can motivate consumers to say "yes" to the Watsons brand and encourage word-of-mouth within these consumers' immediate social circle.

The program is integrated with Watsons' current VIP card membership program, where VIP members are recruited ,engaged, and selected via a digital platform. They are then provided with a Watsons Brand kit that allows them to use the Watsons products, share their experience and continue their journey with the brand on The Advocacy Platform (TAP).

The campaign covers five of its key product ranges - Naturals by Watsons Argan Oil, Naturals by Watsons Olive Oil, Watsons Brand Treatment Hair Care range, Watsons Brand Tencel Mask range and Watsons Brand Health Care range (Prune Essence & D’tox Tea)

Advocates are also rewarded with the Watsons VIP Card membership points to drive them back to the store – thereby further deepening their loyalty and advocacy.

Danny Hoh, marketing controller at Watsons Malaysia said: “We believe that word-of-mouth is a powerful tool as part of our marketing strategy mix for Watsons brand as it enjoys the highest levels of credibility and persuasion. Word-of-mouth recommendation from a trusted source is often what really prompts consideration and purchase. We look forward to embark on this exciting partnership with Advocacy Malaysia to build and strengthen our brand with our consumers.”