Watsons Malaysia creates celebratory Hari Raya music video

Watsons Malaysia has created a ‘Raya Ni Mesti Cun’ music video to kick start its Hari Raya campaign with a star studded casts of more than 20 top Malaysian personalities.

The music video is anchored by top Malaysian actresses including Mawar Rashid, Sari Yanti and Raja Ilya where each of them helm a character namely Limah Skemah, Kiah Selfie and Siti Tudung in the music video which later undergo transformation in Watsons to become three beautiful young ladies. The music video was directed by Watsons marketing team and to date the music video has garnered more than 1.2 million views on Watsons Malaysia Facebook page since the release on 15 June.

To showcase diversity in the music video, Watsons also invited top Malaysian personalities of various races for cameo appearances in the music video. The celebrities’ line-up includes Amber Chia, Arja Lee, Dayah Bakar, Kit Mah, Monika Sta Maria, Nadia Heng, Nadine Ann Thomas, Nomad, Shuk SYJ and Wafa de Korte.

Danny Hoh, head of marketing, Watsons Malaysia said Hari Raya is one of its most important festive season for the retailer to continuously engage with customers.

"Aside from the innovation of products available at our stores during this festive season, this year we are sending across the message of preparing oneself to be ‘cun’ to celebrate this special occasion,” Hoh said.

“We continued on with the successful formula for the last Chinese New Year music video, which became one of the most watched music video in Malaysia this year. And with the same anticipation, and even with bigger cast, we bring this music video to showcase the importance of being beautiful inside and out to celebrate Hari Raya,” added Hoh.

“The Hari Raya celebration is significant to everyone, regardless of our background. And also it is always the time associated to give back to the society and with that in mind we collaborate with Kechara Soup Kitchen Society in this social responsibility project to give back to the society,” explained Caryn Loh, Chief Operating Officer, Watsons Malaysia to the media.