Watsons' ad for its CRM app intends to be an "ear-worm"

Advertising jingles have made a comeback in Watsons Water's all-out effort to promote its newly launched CRM app.

The brand's previous ads used to emphasise Watsons Waters' branding messages as a trusted, valuable, high quality distilled water distributor, yet it has adopted a witty approach this year to make sure everyone falls victim of its "earworm" tune.

Set to the famous tune of "Symphony No. 5" by Beethoven, artist Louis Cheung, who portrays "CapThoFun", leads a choir to sing the classical composition with simple lyrics about how to use the new CRM mobile app, "Drops of Fun", in the commercial.

"Open the bottle caps!" The choir sings powerfully. "Scan the bottle caps!" they continue to instruct. The two lyrics refer to the use of the new mobile app, in which customers collect fun (points) by opening the brand's bottle caps and scanning the QR code to add to their account.

Kym Ma, creative director at The Gate Hong Kong, the creative agency in charge, said the commercial intends to be an "ear-worm".

"We wanted to simplify the app's mechanism with lyrics that are straight-to-the-point," he explained. "On the other hand, it has to be fun and interesting enough to stand out from other jingles."

The commercial has now generated 170k views, 1.4k reactions and 203 shares, seven days since its launch on Facebook.

The whole campaign is also distributed in an all-round ad push spanning television, online, and outdoor visuals.