WATCH Publicis CEO Maurice Lévy's spoof ads

Continuing with its tradition of sending cheeky well wishes for the holidays, Publicis Groupe has released a holiday message by CEO Maurice Lévy to his employees.

So named #TheSkippableWishes, the ad begins with Lévy addressing the viewer from his desk, noting that there won't be "anything funny or any technological tricks".

This preface is accompanied by a "Skip Maurice" option on the bottom left hand side - an option familiar to many who skip ads while viewing content on YouTube.

As soon as this option is chosen, Lévy stars as himself in a series of spoof ads as he relays his end-of-the year message in a wig, in a bathrobe, and in one scene, stuck in a sink. The video was created by Marcel and Prodigious.

Click here to watch it: The Skippable Wishes