WATCH Milo finds out if it’s parental fear or love that motivates children

Being the best and pushing for the number one spot is a concept that many Asian parents instill in their children. The idea of being a tiger parent (or tiger mother as it is commonly referred to) is prevalent in many Asian societies. It is the notion that parents should be strict, to properly foster a competitive spirit in children.

But is an over emphasis on being number one good for children? Milo Malaysia decided to find out through a social experiment. The brand decided to talk to Malaysian mothers about how they thought it was best to raise children keeping “the spirit of a champion” in mind.

Through the conversations with mothers, the brand realised that when children are pushed to always be the best in their chosen activity, they gave up faster when faced with setbacks.

To find out why, Milo invited children aged between seven to 12 to stand anywhere on a winners’ podium. Nearly 81% of the children spontaneously opted for the number one spot. When asked why, they cited reasons from mothers giving them big hugs and kisses to threats of being punished. The brand also uncovered that children were not actually inspired by the passion to win, but the unpleasant consequences should they fail.

Take a look at the experiment:

With this experiment and an influencer-led social media campaign leading to its main hub,, Milo Malaysia aims to share a few pointers with parents on how to encourage their children to excel while always maintaining a healthy perspective.

According to a press statement by Ogilvy & Mather, the agency behind the ad, through the MILO Winner’s Podium experiment, the brand hoped to create the realisation that what children need isn’t the constant push to excel, but the encouragement to not give up. The brand also wanted to spark awareness in parents, to nurture their children to never give up.

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