WATCH Love's in the air and in these ads

Double the fun this year. February 14 not only marks Valentine's Day, but also Chap Goh Mei, the Chinese lovers' day.

Here are a few ads that tugs.


Romantic with great detailing. The narration details the quirks and routines of his partner’s and ends with a beautiful gesture. Of course the said partner has gorgeous hair.


Most couples usually wait till the last minute to plan for Valentine’s Day. Heineken has come up with a solution. The video is part of a hashtag campaign #DateInABox.

XXL All Sports United

The ad sees an attractive girl stepping out of a car and walk passed a group of athletes showing off. The girl is unfazed.

Gun Oil

This 60-second video can bring tears to your eyes. It  depicts the life of the partner of an American soldier.

Tyent USA

What happens when geek meets girl.