Intel uses inside story of Lin Dan's tattoos to tell brand values

Intel China has worked with JWT Beijing to roll out a campaign telling the story of badminton star Lin Dan’s tattoos, via a series of thematic online films.

Ridding on its newly-established brand platform “Look Inside”, the films highlights the story behind each of Lin’s five tattoos. Each film takes consumers on a journey to “look inside” five virtues in life including love, belief, courage, family love and power.

Lin, a two time Olympic champion and five time world champion, is known for his tattoos which are one of the most debated topics online in China, where they remain taboo.

“We wanted to allow Lin Dan’s tattoos to tell the public his story,” said Polly Chu, chief creative officer of JWT Beijing.

“As each story unfolds, we see how Lin himself looks inside for inspiration.”

Angela Xi, Intel China Brand Manager, added: “The “Look Inside” campaign extends the brand spirit of “Intel Inside” at a time when consumers are moving from PCs to tablets and smart phones.”

“It’s all about unleashing potential. The Lin Dan films illustrate this idea in a powerful way.”

Tattoo - Mark of a Man: Look Inside

Tattoo - Power: Look Inside

Tattoo - Love: Look Inside

Tattoo - Belief : Look Inside

Tattoo - Courage: Look Inside

Tattoo - Family Love: Look Inside

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