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[WATCH] Honda gears up for something special

Honda has rolled out a video on its official Facebook page, a part of the “Start Something Special” tagline.

The brand invited fans and owners to share their special stories across all social media via the #StartSomething hashtag.

As part of the launch, Honda made a special appearance at Mairead and Kevin’s wedding day.

The couple, who are fans of Hondas, initially asked their local Honda dealer to loan three black CR-Vs for the bridal-party participants. However, they received more than what they asked for.

On their wedding day, the couple were taken aback by the array of surprises that were waiting for them such as eight CR-Vs parked at the church and having the family flown over from Ireland.

The “Start Something Special” tagline was introduced in August and is adapted throughout the brand’s advertising to communicate the special relationship people have with their Hondas.

The #StartSomething conversation is promoted on its website (, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Vine.

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