WATCH What happens when you're not properly hydrated during Ramadan

Food products company Danone has partnered up with advertising agency Y&R Group Indonesia to educate consumers on the importance of healthy hydration while fasting.

The 2-4-2 campaign for AQUA has been developed specifically for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan which started on 18 July 2015. The TV, digital and and print campaign features Indonesian celebrity Ferdi Hassan, whose name is jokingly changed to Feri Hausan (meaning ‘Always Thirsty’ in Bahasa Indonesia). The campaign was built around the healthy hydration advice of drinking two glasses of water upon breaking one’s fast at sunset, four glasses during the night and two glasses before recommencing one’s fast at sunrise.

The television commercial focuses on a family preparing for the fasting period, when the ‘2-4-2’ advice is shared on their home TV. This is supported digitally in a fun and youth-targeted way with on-line videos featuring the Feri Hausan(Always Thirsty) character.


The videos showcase stories about what happens to Feri when he doesn’t follow AQUA242 during breakfasting, during the night and sahur (predawn meal).

A microsite has also been created  to explain the concept of 2-4-2 hydration and useful information to help during the fasting period. There is also an Instagram activation on @SehatAQUA Instagram account which asks the audience to showcase their #Breakfasting, #DuringTheNight and #Sahur moments with AQUA - with families, friends or even their food menu.

The digital campaign was developed by VML Qais Jakarta in conjunction with the ATL team.

Febby Intan, brand director AQUA said, “The AQUA 2-4-2 campaign’s easy to remember premise, is based on an extremely revealing insight from Y&R which impressed us from the outset. It’s important to us that our consumers stay healthy and hydrated during this most important holy month.”