WATCH Google unveils Philippine Q2 YouTube Ads Leaderboard

FIFA World Cup YouTube ads are turning heads even on this side of the planet that loves the hoops, but localized ads, mostly featuring local celebrities, continue to have an unswerving grip on Filipino’s minds and heartstrings

The latest YouTube Ads Leaderboard covering the last three months reported that six out of the top 10 ads were localised campaigns from global brands. Previous leaderboards recorded the same trend, like in the Quarter 1 poll for this year where eight out of 10 were also localised ads.

While they are the minority, non-localized ads managed to occupy the top three slots - Dove “Patches”, Samsung and its “The Training” World Cup theme ad and the popular “First Kiss” by Wren. Nike Football landed on the 9th spot.

People globally resonate best with ads that feature local themes and cultures, Renaud Besnard (pictured), marketing director for SEA in Google, explains, but the continued positive reception of local ads is “more pronounced” in the Philippines.

“Filipinos have a strong local specific character within Asia and in the world in general and that’s reflected as well in the tastes we see in ads. Local idols and celebrities are finding their ways there quite nicely and themes of emotion and caring for family and kids and the vulnerable is also something that's very Filipino in the mind,” he told the media in a roundtable Thursday.

Below is the top 10 most popular ads on YouTube in the Philippines based on paid views, organic views and audience retention from April to June 2014.
1.'Patches' for Dove

2. '#GALAXY11: The Training' for Samsung

3. 'First Kiss' for Wren

4. 'Kris Aquino whips away her labels #WHIPIT' for Pantene Philippines

5. 'Gabriel Macht Goes to Ormoc to Help in Rebuilding for Project Wonderful' for Globe

6. 'Angel Locsin Ipinaglaban Ang True Love Niya' for Mang Inasal

7. 'One More Second Chance' for Head and Shoulders

8. 'Make the Best Happen' for BPI

9. 'Winner Stays' for Nike

10. 'Ask Diego' for PLDT HomeDSL