WATCH Google beautifully makes a stand on transgender identity

Earlier this month, Caitlin Jenner introduced herself to the world, transiting from her former identity as Bruce Jenner, and on a lush cover of Vanity Fair. The internet went wild on the story.

According to analytics firm IQ Media as reported by Ad Age, there were nearly 30,000 mentions of "Caitlyn" in the media just 24 hours after the news broke.

Notably, big brands remained quiet on the issue of transgender identity. With the exception of Gap, who wrote this blog post on Jenner, in an age of newsjacking and real time marketing, most brands stayed conspicuously away from the topic. Some have suggested that it is because transgender issues have not reached the same level of acceptance as LGBT issues.

However, Google has now made this compelling ad of the transition of a woman to a man, and tied a message of acceptance to it.

Put up on 16 June, the ad is now tracking close over 157,000 views at the time of publishing.

Google has traditionally made a stand on LGBT issues, with its "Legalize Love" campaign against homophobia running globally. It also lent its support to Singapore’s pro-LGBT Pink Dot event.

Bravo, Google, I say.