WATCH Unilever brands warn against becoming a football zombie

Unilever's Rexona and Clear brands created a video with Lowe Malaysia for the upcoming World Cup football season, warning fans not to become football zombies.

As most games are screened and watched in the wee hours of the morning, the idea is that die-hard Malaysian fans will be staying up all night and into the morning and won’t be their “freshest” the next day for work.

Welcome into the picture Rexona and Clear who work as ‘the antidote'.

Here's what might happen, according to Unilever:

Take a look:

The Football Zombie theme features on a campaign microsite, 11 online videos, and the Football Zombie game: "Cure the football zombies and win prizes over RM80,000". The entire campaign runs until end of July and targets Malaysian men aged 15-35.

The campaign also aims to integrate the two brands and reinforce the ‘all-day protection’ tagline and ensure they are top of mind among the target audience.