Facebook asks you to say "Love you better" on Messenger

Does saying I love you on Facebook sound better?

Apparently that's what the social network giant is implying with this cutesy ad.

Facebook recently launched a new TV ad for its Messenger app, titled "Say Love You Better". The idea behind the ad itself was created by advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy.

With a ukulele cover of famous (albeit cheesy) love song "Can't Help Falling in Love" running in the background, the 30-second ad portrays a couple - male and female - exchanging messages via Facebook Messenger. From a simple text message to a short audio clip to a personal video and lastly, a photo of the couple together, the ad reveals the variety of options present in the mobile messaging app, apt for modern day romance. It then ends with the tagline: "Say love you better. Say anything better."

The timing of the ad seems odd, considering that Valentine's Day is nowhere around the corner. Nonetheless, Facebook Messenger expresses its wish to be the ideal app via which one could exchange romantic messages with his or her loved one.

Watch the ad here:

Written by Prasanthi Ram