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WATCH Out for the Devil Baby

Early morning coffee isn’t strong enough to wake you up? Well, this sure will.

The streets of New York were taken over by a baby. Not just any baby. It was the devil baby.

As patrons walked through the street they noticed an abandoned stroller. Curious by nature, and of course good Samaritans at heart, they approached the stroller only to be scared out of their wits by a demonic baby popping out screaming and spewing vomit.

Gross, scary and insane, if you ask me. But check it out. Its hilarious:

This viral marketing stunt was created by Thinkmodo, the team who also created the Scary Carrie coffee shop prank. This time, the “Devil Baby Attack” prank was a promotion for horror film, “Devil’s Due”. The video, posted on 14 January has already had over 16 million views

While the Scary Carrie coffee shop promos definitely drew me to the theatres, I was disappointed by the movie script.  Let’s just hope Devil’s Due does not let us down after this quirky little marketing stunt.

Rezwana Manjur
Southeast Asia Editor
Marketing Magazine Singapore
Rezwana Manjur, a true blue city girl and complete social animal, spends half her time sifting through advertising scandals, and the other half testing out brands' retail marketing strategies at the mall. She enjoys traveling and fantasising over the charming lads on hit TV show Mad Men. Most weekends, she turns nocturnal, except when brunch comes into play.

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