The Red Bull space-diving Stratos project

WATCH GoPro gets brand mileage with Baumgartner’s leap

High-definition portable camera company GoPro has hit a note with adventure junkies around the world.

The brand has newly released the footage from when daredevil Felix Baumgartner made the space jump from 2012 for Red Bull.

The new video released details of the process of Baumgartner hurling through space at 843.6 miles per hour as its ad during the SuperBowl.

Posted last Friday, the 30 second video, aired during the Super Bowl, has currently garnered over a million hits with most of the commentators on YouTube positively in awe of the stunt pulled. The full video has more than 9 million views on YouTube.

Watch the 30 second spot here:

The event is old, but it looks like GoPro is finding new ways to push its brand through it.

In a statement to Adweek, it said:

“While many people are familiar with the Stratos event, what most don’t  know is that GoPro rode shotgun during the jump, documenting every moment with seven HERO2 cameras. We want audiences to understand the insane versatility of GoPro cameras, from baby walkers (see our Baby Dub Step Super Bowl commercial from last year) to outer space. We want them to experience the Stratos event again, for the first time, through our video story, and with the out-of-this-world imagery that only a GoPro can deliver.”

Check the full video out here:

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