WATCH Are cheating spouses MediaCorp's latest marketing move?

Going viral over the weekend was a video of a middle aged Malay lady who caught her husband cheating with a younger girl.

Filmed with probably what was a mobile camera, the video was posted by a Geraldine Tan and had both the look and feel of user-generated content.  The desciption below the video read:

"I was on the way to Chinatown when this couple got up from raffles area. It looks like she caught her husband cheating. They got off at Raffles City. No idea what happened after that. Super siao!"

The video which appeared on YouTube on the 29th of March has to date received over 150,000 views had over 186 comments. Part 2 was released a day later. While some were skeptical of the content with April Fools' Day around the corner, others expressed shock when Tan revealed a day ago that it was a prank by popular local show "The Noose". It was promoting the show at 8:30pm on Channel 5 that night.

Watch part 1:

Part 2:

According to Yahoo News, some from the Muslim and Malay community were unhappy with the prank as it portrayed the community in a bad light.

Marketing has reached out to MediaCorp for a statement and will be updating the article when it is received.

UPDATE: Statement from MediaCorp's Bernard Lim, managing director, TV MediaCorp.

The 1st April launch date of Season 7 was an ideal promotional opportunity to announce the return of The Noose in a choreographed light-hearted prank - and also introduce the new cast member and other leading lady, Siti K. One of her characters, Madam Yeti (the makcik in the April Fools’ Day prank), is a recurring character in this new season of The Noose.

We’d like to highlight that the prank was tongue-in-cheek and was never conceived with a view to undermine any racial and/or religious sensitivities. The April Fools’ Day prank is in fact typical and very characteristic of the playfulness of The Noose. This is a trademark that fans of the series are already familiar with, and we have received strong compliments from viewers over the years.

Judging by the strong viewership the debut programme garnered, we are confident that our promotional efforts for The Noose, which includes the playful prank, was a tremendous success.