WATCH Agency's anti-racism video for Malaysia Day goes viral

Created by Naga DDB, this video for Malaysia Day is currently going viral.

The video shows several Malaysians refusing to make racist statements and standing up for their fellow Malaysians, across the Chinese, Indian or Malay ethnic groups. According to Malay Mail Online, the heart warming video was initially pitched by the agency to a client for a Merdeka Day ad but after the client declined to run with the idea, the agency decided to shoot the video on their own.

The video asked several people who were told that they were there for an audition of a short film of various ages and ethnic groups to say derogatory statements about another race, such as “Melayu bodoh” (Malays are stupid), “Indians are smelly”, “Cina semua pendatang” (all Chinese are migrants).

Many of the participants refused to repeat the stereotypes even when tempted with money.  The end product was then shared with Malay Mail Online. Launched on 7 September, the video already has over 100,000 likes. Meanwhile, the video shared on Malay Mail Online's Facebook page has also been shared over 700 times at the time of writing.

Malay Mail Online
Malay Mail Online
Malay Mail Online
The completed video was given to Malay Mail Online

Take a look at the video: