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WATCH 7 cool shopper marketing ideas

By now shopper marketing is no longer a new aspect in the marketing mix. But of late, it’s gained notorious significance.

“This is because the role the consumer plays today is evolving. With the influx of readily available content, consumers today are more demanding and have limited capacity to absorb marketing and communication messages. Increasingly, they want offers to be more personalised as they learn to filter and select information that they feel is crucial for them,” said Mahesh Neelakantan, chief operating officer, Advocacy

This phenomenon has then forced the role of retail to evolve. Today one in six decisions are made based on store’s display and according to POPAI’s 2012 Shopper Engagement Study, 76% purchase decisions are made in store.

“With all these, shopper marketing has become the new black,” Neelakantan said.

He added that shopper marketing today works best when it is built on an insight; the brand has an idea where the campaign has a bigger brand task than just selling; and is co created with the retailer for a mutually beneficial opportunity.

Here are 7 awesome shopper marketing examples Neelakantan shared with the audience on the second day of Shopper Marketing 2014 summit.

Cadbury – Say it with chocolate campaign

Lay’s – Potato Machine campaign

Coca-Cola bottle bat handle campaign

Hellmann’s recipe receipt campaign

GranataPet Machine

KitKat Mail campaign

Shoes shoes shoes – shoe dating campaign

Shopper Marketing 2014 is a two day event held on 25 and 26 June in Singapore at the Grand Park City Hall.



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