Waking up to a new Morning Crew

Malaysia - If you haven't heard already, hitz.fm has a new Morning Crew on board, with Jin (pictured left) and Ryan (right) replacing JJ who has left the industry and Ean who has moved to a different time slot.

Starting today (14 January), the duo - who used to host hitz Live in the evening - hit the morning airwaves with certain changes to the show.

In expressing his excitement of having the duo on board, hitz.fm content manager Raqeem Brian said it hass been part of the station's plans to change the morning crew for some time now and they had already identified Jin and Ryan for the job.

"Jin and Ryan are young talents, who have not only established themselves on radio, but also in the entertainment industry. With their vibrant personalities and on-air compatibility, they would definitely be able to rock the airwaves in the morning," said Brian.

The idea to partner Jin and Ryan on hitz Live in 2011 was seen as a success as the show garnered a total of 858,000 listeners in Nielsen Audience Measurement, Wave 2, 2012, making it the most listened late evening programme amongst the English radio stations.

Besides the new Morning Crew, hitz.fm also introduced Cover Me and Tag Team, two brand new features on the Morning Crew segment.

The notorious Gotcha calls still remain, with the duo set to add their own spark to the show.

"It's a great time for us to be on such a big show and work with those who have worked hard on it throughout the years. With the Gotcha calls, we hope to add our own new flavour to it, and see how we can push it to the edge," said Jin.

Ryan added saying, "Every morning crew who have done Gotchas have reflected their personalities so we hope to add our own personality to it as well."

With the new segments, Brian says that it does make more sponsorship opportunities available, while existing ones remain.

The new change is also followed by a revamp of hitz.fm's website.