Volkswagen's Ocean Park eco-drive

Volkswagen has kicked off a long-term campaign "Think Blue", what it describes as a new attitude to ecological sustainability, using Ocean Park to promote its eco-credentials.Organised by Zenith Integrated Communications, several interactive booths were used to introduce eco-concepts to visitors.

"This is a perfect match for both companies to show we take care of nature as the environment in Ocean Park is easier to turn visitors mind to issues of preservation and sustainability, which is the role that Volkswagen will play in the future," Thorsten Jaede, managing director of Volkswagen Hong Kong said.

"Ocean Park attracts over 7 million visitors from the around the world every year; it is easier for Volkswagen to deliver the "Think Blue" message to the world."

The event last only one day but the two costumed "Panda Volkswagen" will continue to be showcased in Ocean Park until the end of June.

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