Vivo unveils new logo to come across more soothing to the eye

Vivo is now sporting a new logo, including a new shade of blue and bespoke English and Chinese fonts. The move, according to Vivo, is an effort to reflect the company’s innovation and appeal to a global audience. Vivo partnered renowned Danish designer Bo Linnemann to design the logo, which now features simplified lines and sharpened angles.

Its “Vivo Blue” color has also taken a more saturated shade as a result of a study by Vivo to better understand consumer visual habits and their visual receptiveness to digital displays. The new color is deemed more soothing to the eye and the color is the ideal visual backdrop for the company’s creative and expressive character.


Linnemann and Chinese calligrapher Qiu Yin also rolled out a new VivoType font in English and Chinese language respectively. The fonts come with different weights and widths to ensure that they can be adapted seamlessly to different regions and languages.

Vivo’s senior vice president Spark Ni said, “Vivo has evolved from a follower to a leader in the tech and lifestyle industry. Through the new branding, we hope to redefine the brand’s positioning in technology and innovation and express our brand vision of ‘enjoying the extraordinary’ with young consumers around the world through Vivo’s unique visuals and creative spirit.”

The new branding will be updated to Vivo’s systems and rolled out to offline channels with immediate effect.

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