Vivian Chow and Rosa Maria Velasco do a comic family tree for Manulife Hong Kong's latest ad

Following the Hong Kong government's launch of several tax-saving schemes, insurance companies have also jumped onto the bandwagon to roll out related products and grab a higher market share. Manulife Hong Kong is the latest to do so, by inviting singer Vivian Chow to lay out the company's retirement solutions.

The campaign's two-minute ad adopts the idea of tax optimisation, showcasing how the Han (慳) family (meaning "to save money" in Cantonese) takes care of their finances. In the ad, Chow is a narrator and retirement expert, explaining how the members of the Han family- all played by Hong Kong actress Rosa Maria Velasco - lived their frugal lives before introducing the benefits and features of Manulife Hong Kong's products and solutions.

It's a cute, funny conceit that works. What's more, it's got the extra meta quality in that Chow starred in one of the most popular TV dramas of the 1990s "The Greed of Man" (大時代). In the series, she was named "Han Mui"(慳妹, meaning a frugal girl) and so for this campaign Manulife Hong Kong aims to capitalise on that nugget of audience nostalgia and associate the company's products with Chow's character

“We like the spark between Chow and Velasco. The contrast of their characters really helps bring out the entertainment flair and dramatise the everyday savings behaviours that I believe many can relate to, and also provides us a way-in to introduce a smarter retirement solution from Manulife Hong Kong," said Jeffry Gamble, chief creative officer of McGarryBowen.

Chow is also being featured in OOH elements as part of the wider campaign for the scheme.


Client Manulife Hong Kong
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Simone Tam CEO
Jeffry Gamble CCO

Frankie Fung Group creative director
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Blue Wong Associated creative director
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Christy Leung Producer
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