Vitasoy features everyday life stories on new packaging

Hong Kong’s beloved Vitasoy brand has kicked off a social media campaign to turn the static characters and drawings on the package into lively scenes.

Launched together with a revamped cartoon package design, the brand started publishing videos on Facebook in late August to turn characters and drawings on the packages into cartoon animations.

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The animations included some tiring moment in the early morning, starving moment after work, recharging moment during tea time, sunbathing moment as well as relaxing moment during social media time. The brand wants to build stories behind the packages and remind customers they can enjoy the Vitasoy products during the day.

"There are moments in our busy daily life, which we would feel more relaxed and cheerful with something enjoyable. With this campaign, we want to remind people of the moments of drinking Vitasoy and reinforce the message of 'Vitasoy Moment' (係時候飲維他奶)," a spokesperson for Vitasoy said.

The campaign has also partnered with a Hong Kong internet author 莎比亞 (Shakepearelove), to stir up discussions with a romantic story he wrote.

The story featured special moments with a loved one at breakfast, and when working overtime, with Vitasoy portrayed as a symbol of encouragement in their relationship.

With the cartoon animations and romantic storyline, the campaign ignited netizens’ resonance, receiving more than 47,000 interactions, sparking netizens to share their moments with loved ones.


Client: Vitasoy
Digital and social media: CMRS Digital Solutions
Managing partner: Ralph Szeto
Head of engage: Roni Chik
Senior social media specialist: Elodie Wan
Senior social media specialist: Katherine Tam
Social media assistant: Crystal Wong
Content creation consultant: Law Ka In
Content creation specialist: Joeie Chan
Content creation assistant: Eagle Lo