VisitScotland makes a brave move

Scottish tourism organisation VisitScotland has launched an online campaign together with Disney Pixar.

Created in collaboration with Visitscotland digital and media team and Dog Digital, the campaign helps meet VisitScotland's objective of promoting the destination through Disney Pixar's latest movie "Brave".

The website, created as part of the campaign, takes Braves' fans on a journey to discover the 'real' Scotland that inspired the movie, through animation, video and life experiences.

Hosted on VisitScotland page, the website runs in four languages, namely, French, German, Spanish, Italian where visitors can explore the 3-dimentional online ‘Library of Scotland'.

The campaign is slated to run until March next year.

According to Charlie Coleman, general manager, promotions, The Walt Disney Company EMEA, there is an "organic natural fit between the movie and VisitScotland's mission."

VisitScotland recently undertook one of its largest marketing campaigns that spans across TV, cinema and online marketing.