Visa launches World Cup initiatives

Visa, FIFA’s exclusive financial services partner for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil has launched its global FIFA World Cup activation program.

The programme aims to enhance the sporting experience for fans, clients and partners in 104 countries worldwide. Across Asia Pacific alone more than 70 programs are being rolled out.

Visa will use more than 60 videos along with interactive tools to engage with viewers, while also customising content and programmes based on individual interests and affinities. Through this Visa hopes to more dynamically target and connect with fans.

In support of this year’s tournament, Visa also launched a new FIFA World Cup-themed educational video game. Visa has built a free, online game that helps teach the fundamentals of personal finance to students and adults around the globe. The game has been translated into more than a dozen languages in 30 countries.

The “Samba of the world” is a first time program launched by Visa. This creative effort enlists the help of 32 global filmmakers, each representing one of the qualifying countries in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Each local artist created a 90-second film, using the same format and music track, to show how their country celebrates the World Cup. An interactive video player on Visa’s site allows fans to view and share all of the films – immersing themselves and their friends in the history, traditions and passions of each competing nation.

Visa also launched the Visa teletransporter which is a program that allows FIFA World Cup enthusiasts to transport themselves into the center of FIFA-inspired events. Fans simply insert their personal image into a series of videos that can be shared via social networks.

For Visa 'fanbassadors', a group of 11 culture thought leaders and content creators from football passionate countries like Brazil, Mexico, Japan and the UK, will be at the FIFA World Cup, to capture and curate fans’ most defining moments through video and photo content. Throughout the tournament, Visa will release additional videos, drawing on memorable moments to further take fans where they want to be.