Visa forges over a dozen partnerships to push multi-sensory branding globally

Visa’s multi-sensory branding suite has been adopted in 25 countries via more than a dozen new partnerships, including those with Singapore companies Carousell and First Data. The suite is comprised of sound, animation and haptic brand cues that occur with a Visa payment transaction.

According to Visa, the global deployment is a strategic move in view of the growth of Internet of Things and evolving consumer expectations. It added that the sensory branding is a new way to enhance customer experience and give consumers the confidence they desire when making a payment.

A research recently conducted by Visa found that in-store consumers who experienced sensory branding were 12% more likely to say that the merchant cares for their security. Similarly, positive perceptions of the Visa brand increased by 14% compared with those who did not experience the sensory branding at the POS, with recall of the Visa logo also increasing.

Visa chief marketing and communications officer Lynne Biggar said the company is evolving in the ways it build trust as consumers continue to change where and how they pay in the world.

“Giving greater dimension to our brand and letting our customers see, hear or feel Visa when they pay, is an essential ingredient at a time when the physical point of sale is making way for greater digital environments. Sensory branding cues provide a way for us to express that our brand promise of speed, security, reliability and trust is still behind every transaction,” she added.

Visa landed on a single “energetic” and “optimistic” sound, and complementary animation and haptic vibration in 2017 after an extensive creation and selection process that involved focus groups and elimination rounds.

The list of partners range from mobile-first companies and major stages in sports to technology and retail stakeholders. The full list can be found below:

Mobile first experiences

  • Carousell marketplace app in Singapore
  • Monyx Wallet payment app from Nayax
  • 11 issuer mobile wallet apps throughout the Latin America region

Biggest stages in sport

  • In-stadiums across France at the FIFA Women’s World Cup
  • In-stadium at Oracle Park, home of the San Francisco Giants

Technology and retail

  • Point-of-sale (POS) terminal providers that provide technology directly to merchants, including Aurus, Equinox Payments (NA), Pax (NA and Asia), Poynt (SF), IBA (Russia), VisaNet (Uruguay)
  • TSYS Genius payment processing platform
  • First Data in Singapore
  • Xpress-pay, a leading, flexible ePayment solution for SMBs
  • Payscout, a global payment processing provider with a platform for enabling transactions in immersive environments
  • Ziosk, a table service ordering and pay on-demand solution deployed in casual dining restaurants such as Olive Garden, Yard House, Chili’s, Red Robin, Outback, and TGI Friday’s

Meanwhile, Mastercard also jumped on the sonic branding hype earlier this year, with the debut of its sonic brand identity. The melody will be integrated into Mastercard’s assets ranging from musical scores, sound logos and ringtones to hold music and point-of-sale acceptance sounds.