Virtual bank Infinium rebrands as Fusion Bank

fusion 700x394

Virtual bank Infinium Limited has a new identity with a fresh logo and name to go along with it, Fusion Bank Limited.

The Chinese name of the bank, “Fu Rong”, has implied meanings of global connections and community empowerment, while the English Fusion title is meant to convey the idea of blending and fusing various matters into one powerful and energised entity. This latter meaning is also meant to reflect the combined expertise of the different shareholders and the power behind the company’s FinTech.

Jim Lai, vice president of Tencent and the chairman of Fusion Bank, said, “Renaming the business allows us to better deliver the brand concept of Fusion Bank. Fusion Bank brings together elites in various fields of FinTech to unleash the power of collaboration, drives the development of the FinTech industry and builds a brand-new ecosystem of wealth management in Hong Kong. Looking ahead, Fusion Bank will provide the general public with intelligent, smart, secure and reliable financial services, through its unwavering energy, unlimited creativity and cutting-edge financial technology.”

The new brand logo is composed of six layers of “energy circles”, each one symbolizing innovation, technology, wisdom, leadership, efficiency and a user-oriented company mission.

Eric Sum, CEO at Fusion Bank, said, “Since the grant of the virtual banking license from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (“HKMA”), we have been planning the organizational structure, personnel arrangement, product development, as well as process design and user experience, aiming to offer an efficient, innovative and secure full-service virtual banking financial services to local citizens and small- and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”). Through FinTech innovation and creative ideas, we expect Fusion Bank to create revolutionary breakthroughs and opportunities, and bring in a new era to the local financial services market after its official launch.”

The bank is focusing on the provision of small-value deposit services to those who do not have access to a conventional banking system. It will also have no minimum account balance requirement and no low-balance fees.

Fusion Bank was granted its virtual banking license in Hong Kong by the HKMA in 2019. It is jointly owned by Tencent Holdings Limited, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, Hillhouse Capital and Hong Kong entrepreneur Adrian Cheng.