VIOOH and JCDecaux Cityscape bring programmatic inventory to HK CBD


JCDecaux Cityscape, a subsidiary of JCDecaux SA has launched programmatic digital out-of-home offerings in Hong Kong Central Business Districts across over 50 Digital Frame Network. It will be partnering up with supply side platform (SSP) VIOOH.

In Hong Kong, VIOOH has already connected with three demand-side platforms (DSPs) including Hivestack, The Trade Desk and Verizon Media, with more to follow. JCDecaux Cityscape offers three trading models through a private marketplace (PMP). Advertisers could trade by either guaranteed deal, non-guaranteed fixed price or non-guaranteed floor price.

Yoann El Jaouhari, managing director of JCDecaux Cityscape, said, “Advertisers and agencies can now trade programmatically millions of impressions every day, by the hour, across multiple prime districts on Hong Kong Island, namely Admiralty, Causeway Bay, Central and Wan Chai.”

“We are very excited to finally roll out our unique hourly impression measurement model for street furniture together with our powerful OOH planning and measurement tool. This advanced ecosystem of data and digital solution will help us accompany the brands to leverage the full potential of programmatic DOOH, to smartly optimise their omnichannel advertising strategies, and to keep improving return on their ad dollar spent,” he added.

Ben Lin, CEO at VIOOH China, said, “In Hong Kong, digital out of home ad spend accounted for almost a third of all out of home spend in 2020. That number is rapidly increasing for 2021.”

Compared to other media channels, programmatic digital out of home is considered to be the strongest for accurate location targeting and return-on-investment, Lin added.

“In fact, when digital out of home is planned and optimised alongside omni-channel campaigns it can enhance a variety of campaigns, by providing flexible and incremental reach in a cost-efficient way. Our ambition is to change the conversation about out of home, and to help accelerate transformation in outdoor advertising and we hope advertisers and media owners alike will maximise this new opportunity to thrive.”

In 2020, JCDecaux Transport in Hong Kong also partnered VIOOH to make trading digital OOH easier than ever for Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) advertising. VIOOH's programmatic platform connected HKIA's premium advertising inventory to leading DSPs and key buyers, enabling intelligent trading in near real-time and enhancing campaign efficiency and effectiveness. Programmatic technology is making digital OOH more accountable, flexible, and precise.

By using VIOOH's existing connections with some of the world's leading demand side platforms (DSPs) means advertisers can now include digital OOH in their omni-channel campaigns to deliver a more unified brand experience, driving engagement and influencing consumer behavior.