Vincent Tsui initiates reverse pitch campaign to recruit "good client"

Vincent Tsui (徐緣), founder and CEO of Toast Communications, has announced TKS partners’ Spoon advertising agency will launch a “reverse pitch” (逆向比稿) campaign.

In the statement posted on his Facebook page, Tsui said the traditional pitching method not only leaves advertising agencies in a passive position as they are forced to await to be chosen by clients, but also fails to establish trust between agencies and clients. “Advertising companies and clients complement each other to create great advertisement. Trust is the key to success,” said Tsui.

He initiated this “Adsperiment” campaign in an attempt to proactively reach out to potential clients. The initiatives of the “reverse pitch” campaign is to invite brand marketers to “sell brief”,  as brands have to show their passion towards the products, demonstrate their strategic thinking, and most importantly showcase their trust in the agency.

Tsui added that the agency will waive the creative fee for the winning client. The Agency will also provide creative and business strategies to help the brand achieve its goals. "In this way, the agency gains a good client while the brand gets quality creative advertising ideas. It is a win-win situation,” commented Tsui.

Interested clients are required to submit a marketing brief by 28 November. The agency will go through all the written briefs in the first round. Three brands will be shortlisted for the second round presentation in the agency’s office. The agency will choose one winner for further collaboration, while the other two unsuccessful finalists will be given HKD$10,000 briefing fee, according to the statement.