Viewpoints: Actionable Content Marketing Tips, Now & Beyond

The key word for content marketing is “valuable.” You can simply tell if a piece of content is the sort that could be part of a successful content marketing campaign if people want to consume it, rather than avoiding it. Yet content marketing trend is changing so fast, and you must be ready to evolve with it, use these few tips that we find relevant and maximize your efforts this year.

#1 - Your Brand Voice
Pack more personality into your content. Well, try to write your content as if you are actually talking to your audience through a phone call. How do you talk to your friends? Think about it. They tell your customers and prospects who you are. Many companies still don’t differentiate themselves enough through their writing voice. Ask yourself two questions: 1) What is the “persona” of my brand? 2) What three words describe your brand’s content? 3) How will he/she speak, naturally? Always remember, audiences are very smart and impatience nowadays, they are not keen to read contents that are too “official” just like reading a press release.

#2 - Try Segmentation
As the Internet becomes increasingly saturated, another way for brands to stand out from the crowd will be to target a niche community or a highly specialized segment of the larger market. Different customers respond to your marketing efforts differently based on a broad range of variables: demographic, geographic, and psychographic. For instances, we write and organize the same content differently for Facebook, Instagram and specific forums. It is the process of writing, designing, and organizing content for each of the channels that reach your segmented groups of audience.

# 3 - Repurposing Content
Time is precious. You don’t have to create content day in and day out. You can try developing multiple pieces of content around the same topic, that can generate additional opportunities to target a desired keyword, help boost SEO. Very often, your original piece of content may have only made a splash with one group of customers. Repurposing the content for different mediums allow you to meet an audience where they are – save time, reach more. Now, go and dig out your evergreen content that are timelessness and quality, and develop multiple pieces of content around it.

#4 – Be Transparent (Yes, that is to Disclose)
Why is your product more desirable? What are those information that audience would actually like to know more, apart from the fancy facts you are putting forward? One approach to differentiate your products and services is to be transparent, which is disclosing – and, even better, telling a story about – some aspect of your brand. Increasing number of luxury brands are trying to disclose information about manufacturing process, sourcing origins, recycling system. In beauty products, there is the pressure to disclose ingredients, if how animals were used in testing too. Transparency in this context provides confidence and generates goodwill among audiences, thus these kind of “behind the scene” contents are always more gripping and engaging.

#5 – Rank High with Specific Keywords
Ideally, we wouldn’t have to worry about SEO. We would only publish insightful, thought-provoking blog posts about our chosen topics, and find enormous online audiences eager to learn from our experience and buy whatever we are selling. Obviously, we don’t live in that world, and we do have to think about SEO. While you are producing quality content, invest a good amount of time figuring out the specific keywords that help optimize your content for a better shot at ranking high. At the end of the day, apart from the beautifully written article, your boss or your client are likely to look at and evaluate your content according to the SEO ranking results and say, “Ah, well done.”

Bastian Wong is founder and director of Flare Communications Group and board member of Council of Public Relations Firms of Hong Kong.