Victoria's Secret signature fashion show on TV comes to a halt, aims to evolve

Victoria's Secret will stop airing its annual fashion show on network television after almost two decades, according to a company's memo reported by The New York Times. Stressing on the need for the brand to evolve, Victoria’s Secret’s parent company, L Brands chief executive Leslie Wexner said that Victoria's Secret will develop a new kind of event on different platforms in the future, but did not offer more details.

In the memo, he said to the media outlet that the company no longer believes network television is the right fit. As such, the company has been taking a "fresh look at every aspect of its business" in the past few months and will be re-thinking the traditional Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Marketing has reached out to Victoria's Secret for more information.

Over the years, Victoria's Secret fashion show in the United States has become an iconic event for fans, attracting celebrities Taylor Swift, the Spice Girls and Lady Gaga for guest performances. However, viewership for the show has plummeted in the recent years, drawing an audience of 3.3 million last year, compared to 9.7 million in 2013, said the news report.

However, Wexner added that the new head of its lingerie business has been making "enormous progress in a very short time" in revamping the brand.

The brand was also recently in the news and appointed John Mehas as the new lingerie CEO in November 2018, after Jan Singer resigned amid the storm of declining financial performance of the company, and public relations crisis caused by chief marketing officer Ed Razek over idealised glamazonian femininity and reluctance to put larger and transgender models on the catwalk.

Razek apologised for being insensitive after comments that the show did not have transgendered models “because the show is a fantasy” and “a 42-minute entertainment special” drew flak from netizensHe also clarified that the company is open to transgender and plus-sized models in the fashion show but "they didn't make it" in the castings.